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How can I check the status of my email campaigns, and if an email has been sent?

What good is the email campaign if you cannot tell how or what it's sending?!  

We feel the same way.  

From your 'My Email Campaigns' page, you can click the gray 'View Stats' button and see what's going on! 

Once you're in the stats section of your email campaign, you can see a bit more about your campaign, including a summary of the pending and sent emails for each of your campaigns, and which customers have already received emails and which ones are still waiting.  

And while we would love to be able to send out your emails as soon as a customer buys your product(s), it takes time for Amazon to send us the information we need for the emails. That's why sometimes when you look at your 'Pending Emails', it will list the customer as 'Order Pending' and the delivery time as 'Waiting for info from Amazon':

If you see 'Ordering Pending' and 'Waiting for info from Amazon', it just means the purchase hasn't been processed yet, and as soon as we receive the data necessary, we'll get those emails ready for you. :)

Let us know if you have any issues or further questions about this, as we would be happy to help out!  Send us an email to

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