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How do I make sure I don't lose my inventory?

We don't want you to lose your inventory either!

So, at Jump Send, we do everything possible to help you make sure your promotions (and coupons) are set up correctly...protecting your super-important investment.  

** Please note - It's extremely important you follow these instructions to the letter, to ensure your inventory doesn't fall into the wrong hands!

If you miss a step, or choose to opt out of the inventory protection feature, your coupons could be used more than once (i.e. 1 person could use the coupon then pass it along to their friend and they could also use it), one person could purchase multiple units at your discounted rate, or even worse...your coupon could be publicly displayed on your Amazon listing!

Ultimately, it's important to check that these 3 limitations are applied to your promotion(s):

1)  Your coupons can only be used 1 time and by 1 person

2)  Your coupon is not publicly displayed on your Amazon listing 

3)  The Inventory Protection feature is active for your promotion(s)

Creating Coupon Codes

To help with your promotions and coupon codes, please watch the following video. It shows you how to properly set up your codes, making them single-use only and avoiding the dreaded 'public' code:

Our Inventory Protection Feature

And to protect your stock, please go through the following to implement the Inventory protection feature inside your Jump Send account. 

Activating the feature allows you to limit buyers to purchasing only 1 item per order (or as many as you want!) for the duration of your promotion.

  • First, login to your Jump Send account and click on the 'My Promotions' tab (if it doesn't pop up automatically)
  • From there, click on the blue 'List Your First Promotion' at the bottom of the page, or...

  • Find the promotion you are already running in 'My Promotions' and click on the grey 'Edit' button to the right of your product's image:

  • Once you're in, the Inventory Protection feature can be found in Step #2 of the promotion set up. It should look like this: 

And just to let you know, you will have to sync your Seller Account to Jump Send if you want to use this feature. It's the only way we can manage your listing. 

Again, please make sure that you create coupon codes and activate inventory protection correctly! 

It breaks our hearts when we hear stories about people making mistakes with these processes and, as a result, end up losing a lot (and sometimes all!) of their inventory. We don't want the same thing happening to you!

If you have any doubts or questions about this, please feel free to reach out for help at :)

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