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How do the product promotions work?

Good question!

When the system detects a request, it sends you an email to let you know someone is waiting for your approval (or denial), if you have set your account for manual approval. You also have the option of auto-approval, which simply automates your coupon distribution and sends a code to anyone who selects it from our Deals page:

If you choose "manual" approval when you create your promotion, you will have to log in every time to approve any requests. Click on 'Requests' to bring up each of your potential shoppers. To the far right, you'll see icons. Clicking the check icon will approve them to purchase your product and the 'X' will disapprove.

Once you approve their requests, we will send them an email with a link to your product's Amazon page and a promo code. One email goes out per code, per product, so no, there will be no other products with it.

If you have set up your email campaign, then confirmation and review request emails will be sent to the shoppers after the purchase is made.

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