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I Have Requests. Now What?

Congrats! People are interested in your product!

Now you need to approve or deny these requests. To do that, just follow these directions:

  • First, log into your Jump Send sellers account
  • Next, click on your 'My Promotions' page; you will see a list of your products on Jump Send
  • To the right of your product(s), you will see two grey buttons: 'Requests' and 'Edit'. 
  • Click on 'Requests' and that will bring up each of your potential customers
    • To the far right of each request, you'll see icons. Clicking the check mark icon will approve the request to purchase your product, and the 'X' icon will deny it.

Be sure to watch your 'My Promotions' page, and approve or deny all requests within seven days. Wait any longer and they will be removed from your requests and the consumer will no longer be allowed to request this product now, or in the future, if you choose to re-list it. 

No worries though! We'll give you a heads up that a request will soon expire, by putting a red exclamation point in a circle to the left of the check mark icon:

Congrats again on your requests! :)

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