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The deal price I was approved for changed when I went to checkout

The price difference you're seeing may be due to the seller's shipping fee (usually applied when the seller is not FBA). However, there could also be an issue with the code and you are welcome to reach out to the seller to find out why. 

You can find their email either in our platform next to the product on your 'Selected Deals' page, OR in your email, where you were issued the promotion code.  

But, if you'd prefer to forego the deal due to that price discrepancy, that is absolutely no problem at all. You can cancel it from within your account by following these steps: 

  • Go into Selected Deals 
  • Select the above-mentioned product 
  • Click the blue 'cancel' hyperlink, to the right of your coupon code:

  • If you don't see the 'cancel' link, click the blue 'I haven't purchased this yet' hyperlink. That will take you back a step, to 'Approved', and you should then see the 'cancel' link:

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