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How Is Product Limit Defined?

Product limits can be confusing, and we're happy to help you make sense of it. :)  

For any given product limit, you can have that many parent ASIN's  active inside your Jump Send account. So, depending on the plan you are on, that will be either three, 10, 25 or 100 products. No matter how many Seller Accounts you have synced, the number of active products will still measure your plan limit! 

You can choose which products you want active. However, only active products can be used for promotions or email campaigns. Once inside of Jump Send, you'll see a page similar to this one (associated with the header ' My Products'), with slider buttons to the far right of each of your products. Toggling the slider button to the right (and turning the background blue) will activate that item, enabling you to create a promotion and/or email campaign for that ASIN.

Here's an example of how product limits work...

I have a store on Amazon that sells 5 different items.

  1. Yoga Mat
    1. Red
    2. Green
    3. Yellow
  2. Garlic Press
  3. Marshmallow Stick
  4. T-Shirt
    1. Small
    2. Medium
    3. Large
  5. Jump Rope

On Jump Send, I sign up for the starter plan so I can only have three products active at any time. I select the Yoga Mat (the different color variations are included at no cost), the Garlic Press and the T-Shirt (again, variations are included at no cost).

With these three products, I can do unlimited coupon giveaways (aka promotions) and unlimited email campaigns.  As an example, maybe I give away 10 yoga mats, 20 garlic press's at 80% off as promotions. I also run email campaigns at the same time, to follow up with all organic purchases to hopefully generate reviews on all three products.

Now, if I want to do a promotion on Jump Ropes, I will need to pause one of my other products in order to activate it. That means toggling the button in ' My Products' to the left for the product you want to pause, and then toggling the button to the right for the product you want to activate:

In this example, we'll pause the yoga mats. While the yoga mat is paused and the jump rope is active, my email campaigns will not send out for the yoga mat and I cannot do coupon giveaways.

One last note, the same three products must be chosen for both the promotions and email campaigns. You can not select to run concurrent promotions on the yoga mat, marshmallow stick, and T-shirt while running email campaigns on the jump rope and garlic press.

Questions?  Feel free to email us at We're happy to answer any questions you might have.  :)

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