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What is an Email Campaign? NEW!

We love this feature of Jump Send!  

So, what is an email campaign? An email campaign is a series of emails you can send to your Amazon customers (both discounted and full-priced) to help you generate reviews, feedback, or both!  

Once you set this series up you can let it run on autopilot...its like having your own virtual assistant sending all your customers emails at whatever times you wish.  

First, click on the 'Campaigns' header at the top of your Jump Send dashboard.

Next, choose a template for your email campaign:

Type A personality? We completely understand! You can start from scratch to set your email campaign and have total control on the message!  

Everything from when the email is sent, what the message says, which products you want the email campaign for, the subject of the email, all the way down to font size, attachments, links inside, as well as images in the email.  

Writer's block? No worries we have you covered. Choose the provided email templates to get you going. Feel free to use it exactly as is, or edit it once your creative juices are flowing. 

Feel free to check out a few more of our FAQs on the email campaigns or if you need help with anything drop us a line at and we will help you out!

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