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My Promo Code Doesn't Work

Promo codes that don't work are frustrating, to say the least. But, unfortunately, you will encounter a code that won't work from time to time. 

You can contact the seller directly to get a new code, but we recommend double-checking a few things first before you do:  

1) That you didn't bundle the discounted product with other discounts.  Amazon only allows you to input one coupon code for each checkout. So, if you want to purchase two products at a discount, you'll need to buy those discounted items separately.  

2) That you entered the code correctly.  I know this sounds silly, but sometimes a letter is missed on these codes when they are copied and pasted from Jump Send to Amazon. So, double check...just in case.  :)

3) That the code is live. Sometimes when the seller inputs their codes into Jump Send, they are not yet live. It takes four hours for codes to go live when a seller creates them on Amazon. So, if they get codes back from Amazon and immediately put their product  up on  Jump Send, the codes won't work right away. If the code doesn't work for you immediately, give it a few hours and then try again.  

4) That you refresh the Amazon page you're on by clicking on the refresh arrow to the left of your browser's search/address bar. We're not sure why, but sometimes you need to refresh the Amazon page in order to get the code to work. 

5) That you are purchasing from the right seller. Coupon codes are seller specific, so if you enter the code and it doesn't work, it may be because the seller you are purchasing from is different than the seller who gave you the code on Jump Send. In other words, the Jump Send seller may not have the item's BuyBox. In that case, we recommend emailing the Review Kick seller and they will give you a direct link to their product's page. You can buy from there, and your code will work.

6) That you are purchasing the right variation. Coupon codes are variation specific, so if you enter the code and it doesn't work, it may be because the variation you are purchasing is different than the variation associated with the code.

If you have double checked all of these, and the code still won't work...well, my friend, I think you do indeed need a new code from the seller.  :)

I wish we here at Jump Send could do this for you and get you one right away but, since we don't have access to the sellers' promotional codes, you will have to email the seller directly.  

You can find their email in the Jump Send email you received telling you were approved, or from the "Selected Deals" page on  

On your Selected Deals. There should be a "Contact" blue button, you will find it on the menu when you click on the arrow next to Confirm Purchase:

df28059ce5b23e287d27291680b05c2f.pngThat should open a new window redirecting you to your Email service but if it doesn't, you can also right-click on the Contact Seller button and it will give you the option to Copy email address so you can then send the email manually:

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