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Jump Send Trophy Overview

At this point, we have three trophies you can add to your account. We will be adding more soon, though, making purchasing items through Jump Send even more fun!

Currently, we have:

  1. The SMS text verification trophy
  2. The Amazon Verification trophy  
  3. The Extension Verification trophy   

So how do you gain access to those trophies? 

You can access that option from the main Dashboard when you click the trophy icon at the top of the page. Once you do that, you will see a drop-down tab. If you have earned this already, you will have the badge showing on the menu.

And if you haven't earned any yet, you can click on the ' Unlock more Trophies! link to get it

Then you'll be taken to your trophies' special section on your account. It looks like this:

The SMS Text Verification Trophy is unlocked by going through the steps outlined in this 'How do I verify my phone number' article. We ask for this information to prove you're not a robot, through our SMS text messaging system. This trophy unlocks more deals for you.

The  Extension Verification Trophy is unlocked when you install it in your Chrome browser, you can follow the steps on our 'How do I get my Jump Send extension trophy?' article. This trophy unlocks 10 more deals for you.

The  Amazon Verification Trophy is unlocked by confirming you have a valid Amazon account. This trophy unlocks 10 more deals for you.

Happy shopping! 

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