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How do I get my Jump Send extension trophy?

Getting your Jump Send extension trophy is super easy! Just go through the following steps to get it added to your Jump Send account:

  • Start by logging into your Jump Send account while using Google Chrome as your browser and while using a laptop or desktop (the extension can only be installed if you're using Google Chrome), and then clicking on the trophy icon at the top of your Dashboard. Next, click "Unlock more Trophies!"

  • Once the new page opens scroll down to the 'Deal requests unlocked and Badges of Honor' field:

  • After you've clicked the blue button, a small pop-up window will appear, asking you to 'Add extension'. Remember, you need to be using Google Chrome as your browser, or the extension can't be installed. 

  • Once you've clicked the 'Add extension' button, the blue and green Jump Send icon should appear to the right of your Chrome search/address bar, along with the notification stating the extension has been installed:

  • Finally, log out of your Jump Send account and then log back in. Your extension trophy should now be unlocked on your Jump Send account, along with the 10 extra deal request that  come  with the trophy. :)

If you have any issues with unlocking your trophy, please email us at We'd be happy to help you get this added to your account.

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