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My Product Came In Defective

Ugh. This is the worst!

When this happens, you'll need to contact the seller to let them know. They might be able to get you a new product or solve the problem for you from their end. 

And you can find the seller's contact information on your Selected Deals. There should be a "Contact" blue button, you will find it on the menu when you click on the arrow next to Confirm Purchase:

df28059ce5b23e287d27291680b05c2f.pngThat should open a new window redirecting you to your Email service but if it doesn't, you can also right-click on the Contact Seller button and it will give you the option to Copy email address so you can then send the email manually:

Or in your original approval email, saying the seller okay'ed your request to buy their product at a discount. 

But if you believe the problems you encountered are not being addressed, or that the seller is being inappropriate, please reach out to us at We'll be glad to help! 

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