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Can editing the settings on my Email Campaign cause Pending Emails to be deleted?

Great question...and an extremely important thing to keep in mind!

So modifying an email template/wording will not cause the system to trigger a changed action or delete any Pending emails...but the following actions will definitely cause the system to detect the instruction has changed and delete any Pending messages:

- Toggling off your campaign; even if you toggle it back on right away that action will delete Pending emails

- Changing delay days for an existing active template; the system will have to restart your campaign, to make sure it matches the new settings

- Adding or Removing any node type; againthe system has to restart your campaign, to match it to the new settings

- Disabling your Amazon account or revoking Permission for Jump Send from Seller Central

- Canceling your subscription with immediate effect will also remove all Pending emails

And if you make changes to the campaign structure and we are in the middle of processing that campaign instruction, then: 

a) If no emails were sent out: we start with Step 1 and process everything as set (You will see no changes here) 

b) If an email has been sent  for  that event_type (delivery/shipment/confirmation/refund) already: The system will mark the instruction as complete and it won’t send any more emails for that order and event_type combination. 

For example: 

Let's say you had originally planned for two emails to be sent after the product was delivered - one right away and one 6 days after delivery. 

If one of those emails had been sent already and then you make any of the changes above, then the second email (the one going out 6 days after delivery) will be removed from the Pending list. 

We are working on a better way for the system to handle these changes, but for now please use this list as a guide as to what will and will not delete your pending emails...and take it into consideration when considering any changes you want to make to your Campaign. :)

If you have any questions about this, send us an email to!

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