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How can I be sure my Email Campaign settings are correct and that it is fully active?

Great question! That is indeed a very important thing to check! 

First, please know that Jump Send works best when you use  Google Chrome as your browser. We are working on the current display and how it shows in other browsers, but for now, we highly recommend running it in Chrome. :) 

Second, there are three things you always need to check to be sure your email campaigns are active:

  1. That your active ASIN(s) are showing below the campaign title 
  2. That the button on the right corner of the screen is toggled ONBlue means active and Gray is inactive
  3. That the templates you want active are toggled ON as well (Blue

Here is an image to show you where to find those three points: 

If all three options are active, then your campaign should be going out! :)

Another thing to check is that your Jump Send email address is registered as an approved sender in Seller Central, that is so Amazon doesn't block our messages from being sent! 

To do that please go to Amazon's alternate address verification page and make sure the email registered in your Jump Send account is also as either as a Registered or as an Approved sender in Seller Central as seen here: 

And a great way to keep track of that is checking your Pending and Sent emails. 

If you go to your Campaigns tab and click the Stats icon (the black upwards arrow)you can see what's going on:

On the Pending Emails tab, you can see when new emails are scheduled to go out and even delete these messages manually! 

Some orders will have the notification 'Waiting on Amazon to make the email information available', but this just means we haven't gotten the full confirmation from Amazon yet (most of the times due to a pending payment).

However, the emails will be sent as soon as Amazon confirms the final payment was processed:

If you think your campaign emails are not sending, or you're having any problems at all, please don't hesitate to let us know at 

We want to make sure the campaigns are functioning properly for you, so we will be happy to help! 

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