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I Requested Items. Now What?

Awesome! We are pumped you found great stuff in Jump Send!

Now that you have sent in a request, you need to wait to be approved by the seller before you can make your purchase. And the time it takes to be approved varies from seller to seller. Some approve the same day, while others take longer. 

If the seller approves your request, you'll receive an email from us that includes a promotional code for the product and an email address for the seller, in case you need to get in touch with them (i.e. the promo code doesn't work, the shipment is delayed, the product is damaged, etc.). If the seller is out of stock or denies your request for some reason, then the product will show up as 'unavailable' on your Selected Deals page.

If your request has been in the seller's requested inbox for more than seven days, your request times out and it will also show up in your Selected Deals page as 'unavailable'. 

In all of those cases, the product is also removed from your limit for requesting deals, which means you will have a new open go and check out some new deals! 

If you get tired of waiting to hear back from the seller, you can always cancel the deal.

***Note: Deals that become 'unavailable', or that you have canceled cannot be re-requested. We have a 'one kick at the can' policy when it comes to requesting deals.

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